Financial Butler
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Personal Finance at your fingertips

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Know your finances anytime, anywhere

Real-time consolidation of your finances from various institutions into one platform.

Be better informed before making any financial decisions.

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Protect your financial health. Stay debt free

Our analytical tools provide insights to show your spending on essential and non-essential items.

Compare current vs previous month spend and find out if you are saving enough.

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Make better financial decisions

Find out if you are spending more than usual.

Our innovative tools will highlight when you are near or over your monthly average spend.

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Protect your financial future with the right choice

Our AI-driven engine matches financial products accordingly to your monthly affordability.

Know what you can afford before deciding on the product of your own choice.


What Financial Butler customers are saying?

"I'm able to better organise and keep track of my expenses even for a financial noob like myself!"

Monique Holdorff-Misson35, Teacher

"Financial butler is so convenient to use and save me a lot of time in compartmentalizing my expenses. It allows me to know where most my money is going and now I can save more too."

Lee Hong Jun21, Student

"I am able to keep note of all my expenses under one app with much convenience!"

Teo Liang Wei27, IT Security Compliance

"Managing my expenses and loans on multiple accounts and credit cards are so much easier now with Financial Butler."

Grace Lee49, Administrative Assistant

"With Butler I easily figured out where I was hemorrhaging money = Instant savings!"

Leonard Yeo 41, Doctor

"With Butler, I don't have to do excel karate every month to figure out my financial ins and outs. A killer butler service for Personal Banking!"

Zoheb Jamal33, Consultant